New Club- Holy Trinity After School and Holidays!

I am pleased to announce that we have now moved from the Jubilee Centre to Holy Trinity School, Bradley Stoke
If your child currently attends after school club at the Jubilee Centre they will now be collected from school as usual but taken to our new club at Holy Trinity School located at Broad Croft, Bradley Stoke, BS32 0BD.
Children from Meadowbrook  School will now be collected by car and those children at Bowsland Green School will now walk to our new centre.
You will be be able to access the club by coming through the side gate leading from the school car park and then to the back entrance to the reception classroom. If you are unable to find us them please ring the club on 07938192973 and I will be able to direct you to where we are now located.
Please be aware however that Friday after school club will still be held at our Baileys Court Club.
The facilities at Holy Trinity are very similar to those at the Jubilee Centre with the added benefit of a secure and private play area that no one else will be able to access.
From the Easter holidays we will be based at Holy Trinity again but this time in the school hall.  You will be able to access the club by going through the Community Centre entrance at the front of the building.
We can assure you of the same service that we currently provide with a range wide of activities on offer; themed educational activities, structured arts and crafts sessions and exciting trips!
We have recently changed our registration with Ofsted which means that we are able to better cater for our younger members of Wise Owls.  We arenow able to have school children from 4 years old all day at the holiday club, where as before it was restricted to only half a day.  
Our new Ofsted Registrations are Holy Trinity: 2519756 and Baileys Court:2519757.  This shouldn’t make any difference to child care payments but in the future if you choose to use a different Voucher Payment company these are the Ofsted reference numbers you will need.
Many thanks for your patience and cooperation with this move and we look forward to seeing you all at our new club soon.


Bradley Stoke After School Club